Friday, December 26, 2008

day 281: death of a friend



•• december 26, 2003 – december 26, 2008 ••

welcome home riley - 2004
(Daisy, Riley, and Jeramie)

sleep time - 2004

the guard - 2006

cuddle time with momma - 2008

Guardian Angel - Ramsey and Riley 2008


Thursday, December 11, 2008

day 266: the weekly leaps and bounds.. this weeks success includes the return of full appetites and then some... we lost over two pounds each so we gotta catch back up. Remember folks with mass food consumption comes equal weight on the other end... and boy have momma and daddy been busy. But that is not what I am here to write about today... although it is good to eat!

This week my big sis has taken leaps and bounds... on Dec. 6th she started rockin' and rollin' and zoom she was half way across the room. I thought this was super awesome and funny... my sister was crawling... hands and knees, stomach in the air – crawling people! You heard it!

That was the first event of the week... only four days later Arden propped her self up and was siting straight as a board all by herself... just chillin playing with some toys... examining the enter workings as she always does... so bam she is crawling and sitting up... I am not far behind but yet the week continues... the following day momma and daddy are in their with us... and arden crawled to the side of the crib and pulled herself up on her knees and was breaking down the cage for the great escape. What is next arden??? Going to be running around dancing like there is no tomorrow? Give a brother some time to catch up. BUT NO... today the flight to greatness continues... Arden has been fussy for the couple of days... calling for mommy at no end and we were waiting for the eruptions to appear and today arden has popped out two teeth on the top front... equaling 4 teeth all together. So I am down two but give me time... give me time. My big sis is awesome... how those 2 minutes really made a difference.

xo, rams

Friday, December 5, 2008

day 260: mark your calendars

Day 260: Bath tub not toliet

Bath time yay.

So bath time with mommy is oh so fun... we splash, we play, we enjoy time with mr. rubber duckie as he floats and squirts and bobs along with the waves. I have my hair washed and we sang our little songs and off I go to dry and get changed.

Ramsey's time to for Bath time play. Moments in I hear daddy say... umm Paige what is floating by is that poop??? Mom says with a hesitant reaction.. delayed response and reaction... umm yes that is poop. Was it remains of Arden. I do say NO. I am a good girl that knows the difference between bath time and potties. So momma jumps up, daddy remains laughing. Ramsey is balled up in the towel awaiting the empty, clean, and refill caused by his defecation. Bath is all clean... water is running, mommy is sitting waiting for the right temp and level for Ramsey's return. Daddy holds Ramsey in the buff near by... and Ramsey's has yet another sensation.. Daddy's aim is brutal to mommy face... yep peed all over mommy. This is proving a tragic day. Daddy is again laughing with apologies in between mommy takes Ramsey and bath time is complete.

What a day. What a day. Time to go over grandma and grandpa Fletcher's while mommy and daddy shop for christmas day.

day 260: yuckie sickness tales

Wednesday November 26th, in the early morning before light broke... I heard the cries of Arden spring out... shattering the quietness of the night. Mom was still awake working hard on her homework... she runs in dashing by arden's side and whisked her away. The bluh sounds were recognized by me moments later. What is this sensation? Vomit was everywhere. I let out my cry of dissatisfaction, fear, and utter disgust... momma made another mad dash and swept me away. We had it... the bubonic plague of the season... the stomach virus that spread like wild fire.

Momma was scurrying all over the place. Washing us off. Spraying the surroundings with pshhhhhhh pssshhhhhhh psssshhhhh wipe wipe... ripping of sheets from mattresses. Washing machine on full speed. Endless bluh bluh bluh. Phone calls, text messages, typing on keyboards... screens displaying do's and don'ts. Wait it out. Keep hydrated. Puke, Clean, Bath. Three hours passed. Mom seems a little green and worn. Mad dashes from bathroom to us. Bathroom to us. Oh no, the plague has spread. Poor momma still not over her cough from weeks ago. WOOOOOOO HOOOO daddy is home. Momma disappears to the room to lay down. We puke on daddy, and the cycle is repeated. Mommy is up and now daddy is puking.

Happy Thanksgiving. Food dropped at the door. Simultaneously we celebrate our first turkey day with up chucks and uhhhh I feel like death's. Days still go on and we are still not better. Day before yesterday Arden was still throwing up. 2 lbs. down and we are still surviving the remnant of the plague. All while fighting this horrible infection on my head. With Dr. Reidy's help that has finally been cured.

I am happy say we are finally on the road to recovery. Arden is still mostly on a liquid diet... must suck watching me chomp down on the eloquent food I munch down jar after jar. :) But she is building back to it slowly.

That is the tale of our first Turkey Day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

day 238: new eruptions

Momma say I am ambitious just like her... this week I had the eruption of two teeth at one time... totally hurt... still does... but I am tied with you arden. :) We got our two bottom teeth.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

day 227: random photos

"what we do when we should be sleeping"

"clowns are scary"

"2AM bottle session"

"2AM mommy session - yay"


"mummy finger"

"afternoon bottle"

"bottle grin"


"still interesting"


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

day 208: new word

Adren looked at Jeramie grabbed his face and said dada

day 207: Benefit for Ramsey

Ramsey was diagnosed with a Cranial Disorder and our insurance is not covering the expense. Valentin, owner of Bootleg Studios, is throwing a Benefit to raise money for Ramsey's Treatment. Please come out and show your support and have a great time.

Thank you for all of your support, thoughts, and well wishes!

Monday, October 13, 2008

day 207: day of measurement and more...

I went to my second appointment today at cranial technologies. I was stripped down to my diaper and a sock thingie was stretched over my face... I was rushed down the hall and placed in the 3-D imaging room and posed for the camera in all directions. Elmo entertained me... I believe it was a distraction but a funny one... they wouldn't let me hold him. I was kind disappointed about that... he was all red and fuzzy... Momma said, daddy and her will be starving and losing the excess poundage and praying for miracles to fund this 6 oz piece of equipment but it will all be worth it in the end. After that I was brought back to the room and laid down and they forced my to turn the way I so do not like to turn... it was horrible and I let them know with loud protest. Now I have to have Physical Therapy 6 times a day to stretch out my neck muscles. :( Not going to dig this at all.

The excitement does not end there... Yesterday while chillin' at nana's Arden decided my eyeballs were fascinating.. you read right my eyeballs. So she scratched my eyeball and made it bleed... so I was off to Dr. Reidy's office and glowing dye was put in my eye... that is right people my eye was glowing... it was kinda dope... and I will have glowing snot by tomorrow haha... Well I was prescribed antibiotic eye drops to stop infection.

And the excitement does not even end there... This morning Arden and I was chillin... doing some tummy time and Arden got up on all fours and was trying to crawl... daddy caught it on video... momma is going to upload it when ever she can breath and take a break from studying. She said we are going to be crawling in no time... 2 mobile infants is a scary thought for momma and daddy... haha You should be afraid, very afraid.

Well I am going to get my grub on and catch some zzz.

Oh yeah almost forgot... I am having a benefit. It will be dope. Don't miss it and spread the word!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

day 201: doubts???

School Financial Aid still has not confirmed when momma will receive money for my treatment. She was on the phone for hours upon hours with the insurance only for them to reconfirm that my treatment is not covered... ohh how the stress continues.

day 201: special delivery

After many hours of of painful delivery - Arden has delivered her first tooth. It broke surface early today. The sharp shiny white peril surfaced in the front lower right. Congrats Arden!!!! Mommy can now maybe get 3 hours sleep tonight.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

day 199: Ramsey's Appointment with the Cranial Specialist.

I went to the specialist last week about my head. I was diagnosed with severe right Plagiocephaly. It is a cranial disorder caused by many factors including multiple gestational birth, gestational positioning, and sleeping positioning. Obviously momma and everyone has been annoying me constantly trying to adjust my sleeping and resting positions to no prevail and my skull has not developed correctly. Oops. So now I have to have physical therapy and a helmet for an estimated 10 weeks... The insurance is not covering it and momma and daddy have been insanely stressed about it... $3600 for treatment... but momma's stars have aligned... we hope and she just got her money approved from school... so when the check comes in I get to sport my new head gear... hopefully nothing goes wrong but right now she is super happy and stoked that all is good for the moment.

click here to read more about Plagiocephaly

Thank you all for your support.

Rams and the fam.

Monday, September 22, 2008

day 186: 6 month doctor visit

I knew what was coming before they even stripped our clothes. I saw the scale and the protest began. BAN (babies against needles) I knew what is going to happen people - I am not the unknowing infant that you think I am. Arden played it cool. We went along with all the measurements and Mommy and Daddy talked about all their "concerns". It is obvious that I like resting in my fav position but evidently mommy and everyone is not down with the "cause and effect" and now I am going to go be poked and probed by someone else next Monday and possibly sport head gear to help out the shape or something... big words were flying about so I didn't catch all the meaning of the lingo... I have been diagnosed with plagiocephaly <- see big word. Basically they are concerned that my head is a little to flat on my right side... I find it more comfortable but whatever. The words moderate to severe came into play. Great. Mommy looks worried. STRESS! Then after all that the ladies with needles entered the room... protest did not help nor the cries that bellowed from our mouths. Daddy and Mommy broke out in song the moment the mean ladies left the room. Hey Jude don't make it bad... take a sad song and make it better... combined with a nice refreshing bottle we were somewhat soothed. A mad dash to the homestead and a dropper full of Tylenol we are doing ok. I think it is time for some dinner and a nap. The stress of the day is very wearing on the energy level.

For the record:


weight: 18 lbs 3.5oz (+3 lbs 3 oz.)
length: 25.75 in. (+2.25 in.)
head c: 43 cm. (+1.5 cm.)


weight: 17 lbs. 0.5 oz. (+3 lbs. 1 oz.)
length: 25.5 in. (+2.5 in.)
head c: 43 cm. (+2 cm)

'Til next time



Thursday, September 18, 2008

day 182: progress

So we are starting to army crawl. Exciting. Well I would more accurately state that Arden tries to take off the floor and dive forward developing rug burns on her chest because she doesn't use her arms enough... I on the other hand go a few centimeters and cave to the strenuous activity and roll over or pass out. Hey it is a lot of work people... I do not know how you just pop up and walk around... It is insanity I tell you. Arden rolls around like a rollie pollie again I am just like are you tired flippie but nope she just cruses on over and rolls right on top of me. We are getting to the point that we can't even share a bed. Her favorite position is sleeping on her stomach... mom has given up on flipping on her back... just makes sure a 1001 times a night she is still breathing. Me on the other hand is having major reflux that we will be addressing with Dr. Reidy even if it takes puking on her. Momma has been really busy with us and school so she will be updating with pics and video's as soon as she can manage more than 3 hours sleep a night. Well I am in demand of a fresh bottle. Check you peeps later!


day 182: we survived

So momma had this inclination that Ike was going to strike... she skipped school and we skipped town... Daddy being brave (or stupid your choice) stuck out the storm. After a couple of nights of no electricity he escaped to Austin, as well - only to return the next day for work. Mom had to go back to school which she exclaimed was absolutely ridiculous of U of H to conduct classes when streets were not safe, power outages and food and gas shortages still plagued the city. She proclaimed that she was not a pioneer woman and that is one of the reasons she fled to Austin besides the obvious... two 5 month old infants and no electricity did not mix and the utter chaos of people threatened by mass hysteria thrust into their primitive states of survival mode was not safe for her or her kids... we chilled in Austin with Nana and she witnessed the insanity of Houston and the surrounding areas and quickly returned after surveying the damage that took place at our humble abode. Devastation surrounded Houston and the surrounding areas papa's beach cabin was effected the worst... but amazing still stands.

Well we are safe and happy at Nana's house. Chillin' with air conditioner and the luxuries in life. Oh yeah gotta love Jack's Big Music Show. We all know that Ramsey has a thing for Lori as he cat calls her every time she comes on tv... that is right Arden you know it!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

day 146: poopers and kickers

So today I drove daddy nuts... no pun intended. I felt really bad.. this horrible infliction of the rumbling acid in my tummy... well I thought it would be a small toot and it hurt so bad... so I kinda arched my back to get it out... nope... wasn't a fart but a shart and flew out the back end of my diaper... not just all over me but daddy too. He wasn't too happy but smiling made it all better.

Later he was changing my diaper and I was laughing and doing this new thing I learned from the Jack's big music show called dancing... I was just kicking my legs around trying to entertain the way I do... and well I was so entertaining that I sent dad head over feet in a crippling position... it appeared I am now being charged with assault with brut force...

... and tell them what you did to me... momma caught it on film so no denying it...

I also kicked arden... a few times... and stuck my finger in her ear... a few times... and pulled her ear... a few times... and made her cry. I am sorry arden but at least I didn't poop on you.

ok I had an off day but in retrospect... you know you are all laughing!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

day 142: errors

mommy wanted to remind everyone, with sleep deprivation comes typo's and grammatical errors... :) excuses, excuses.

Friday, August 8, 2008

day 141: face obsession: response from mommy

oh how I know little Rams, that your sister can be a pill... for instance, I just changed her into her pj's, kissed her on the cheek, and she grabbed my bangs and aimed her strong little fingers for my lip ring (i will probably regret mentioning that detail in the coming years) and she was relentless in her release.

So in the coming years when you come to me with complaints of abuse... I will sympathize and direct you to this very post. She is my fiery little angel, full of determination and spirit... though that irish temper might flame... she loves you and you will be okay. Because when that fiery spirit is turned to defend you... you will see it as a blessing as when you protect her she will feel the same. Fighting between siblings is like milk and cookies, jelly with peanut butter, chuck's with indie kids... one without the other is just not a natural thing. Though I will pray that we all get a long... the likelihood is just a prayer.

day 141: daddy is funny

So daddy was complaining about aches and pains... momma said he was old... he was complaining about wii elbow... not sure what that is but if he is referring to him and mom pretending that they were throwing a fake ball at the tv (instead of us being able to watch Jack's Big Music Show) then dad that is just pathetic... but we love you! :)

day 141: face obsession

So Arden has an obsession with my face... she beats me upside my head, scratches my eyes, and pulls my lips, and sticks her fingers in my nose... I keep telling her I am not a toy... I know I am cute but she doesn't have to be catty because she is just as beautiful. She likes to ram her feet in my ribs... if that was not bad enough she digs her toes into me and pinches me... and it hurts. She is so strong and her toes are so long. Momma wonders why I learned to roll but she just rolls on after me. Momma catches her next to me and thinks it is so cute because she grabs my hand but she doesn't realize she just whopped me in the head and I am not asleep... I am unconscious.... are such a cry baby tattle tell I saw the commercial, voice the abuse... don't hide it and as soon as I can pick up the phone I am dialing the digits.

...ewwww big talk for a little man.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

day 140: 20 weeks and on the move...

Today we are 20 weeks old... mommy is an awe how the time has flown by and how much we have grown. She keeps stating that with kids she is now so much more aware of how old she is getting by the day and how this year will age her to the point that her youthful appearance will probably catch up to her actual years due to the lack of sleep and the stress of school coupled with parenthood. But we are the best thing that ever happened in her life... we are not sure if she just likes telling us that or if she is just reminding herself... or maybe she is just so sleep deprived that she just forgot that she told us that 17 times thus far today and it is only 3pm... her repetitiveness is making me narcoleptic and I am starting to feel bad... sorry mom. Here is a :D you always say that brightens your day. Anyway what is going on around here... well Arden and I have been rollin' I mean so much we clear the mat... we play a game "the steamroller" to see how long it takes momma to notice we are off the edge of the blanket... usually not long but it is cool to touch the cool sensation of the fake wood floor beneath my fingers... and give it a quick lick before momma can whisk me off to the padded domain where I am supposed to remain. Momma is so proud that we can both roll from back to stomach and stomach to back... she always expresses how proud she is of us... but the thought of full on mobility is just a scary thought to say the least. Mommy is really funny. ok well it is narcoleptic time so until next time.


Friday, August 1, 2008

day 134: what is this cont.

Well momma laid me down last night but the pain was still there and I was sooooooo tired... I hadn't taken a nap all day. So she picked me up and we laid and watch a movie and I slept with her all night. I woke up at 3am for a bottle and then crashed out again. So far I am feeling okay today. Just chillin' with Arden and momma doing some tummy time.

Arden did awesome last night as well. She slept all through the night... I did that the night before last... we rocked it. I guess Arden liked the 3 bowls of cereal :)

well wow wow wubsey just came on so I am going to stare at all the geometrical shapes for a bit... it is so retro. Gidget is awesome... she builds robots. We love robots!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

day 133: what is this???

Today I have experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever experience. I thought the needles were bad... no. I thought the removal of my thing down there was bad... well that was pretty darn close... but the aching in throbbing in my mouth will no go away... it hurt sooooooooooooooo bad yesterday. I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to eat my cereal. All that would help is chewing on my hand and the nipple of the bottle... I had soooo many bottle yesterday just to soothe my pain. Momma held me and kissed me and sang to me and that made me feel better and she felt in my mouth and was like ohhhh i feel something and I smiled and giggled and it made me feel better and she gave me that sweet sticky red stuff that makes me feel ahhhhh so much better.

day 133: rollie pollie continued

Well this is Arden's week of of rollin rollin rollin. She flipped from stomach to back today... she is awesome. I love my big sis. Momma was so stoked. Yay Arden!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

day 130: rollie pollie doing an advanced roll

So Arden is rockin and rollin literally... I was just chillin with mom chowing down on my bottle and Arden was chillin on the play mat and she flipped... mom missed it... she was on the phone with nana but she turned around and Arden was magically on her belly... it was awesome. Momma was so happy. Arden was a little scared though and momma picked her up and comforted her and told her how very proud she was doing her advanced back to stomach roll. So I roll from my stomach to my back and Arden roles back to stomach... we are a pair. :) together we can just roll right out of here... :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 126: knock out

So Momma was feeding arden at 8ish this morning... Mommy played boxing with her grabbing her hand and faked punched Momma's face and was like oww your a strong one... arden was giggling.. it was so funny Arden actually pulled back and punch Momma in the chin...

momma note:
umm it hurt and that game is done never again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

day 125: enthusiastic puking reactions

so I puked on mommy after over-indulging in a fabulous bottle and she caught the reaction on video. Sorry mommy.

oh and I said ah-boo right when she ended the video! I get camera shy :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 124: mmm cereal

So after going to our 4 month appointment (Support B.A.N.), Dr. Reidy told mommy we can start eating rice cereal. I think this is the best thing ever... mmmmmmm. I eat ever last spoon full. It was kinda messy at first but by the end of the first bowl I was chomping down on the metal thing... yeah spoon... I couldn't get enough. I was loving it when momma fed me. I was smiling and giggling and squealing... she took great joy in it. What about you Arden? Oh I think it is awesome... it is great for blowing bubbles and spitting out across the room and all over mommy... I guess I didn't get it that we were supposed to be learning how to eat... It was really fun though. Mommy took pictures and photos but we are currently protesting the use of cameras... we just stare at them like deer in headlights and cease all cuteness that was being displayed. Yay for rice cereal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

day 123: 4 month doctor visit

okay once again I will state we totally love dr. reidy. Unfortunately mom believes we are going back for our 6 month check up on Sept 22nd but arden and I have established a united front. We are boycotting and would like you all to join us in the effort that will forbid the happenings that take place in that office to EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. We are calling this campaign "B.A.N." Babies Against Needles. So all you little folks - let us (BAN)NED together. Join our efforts - use your voices and scream and protest.

I believe last time we clearly communicated that we do not like to be stabbed REPEATEDLY by long metal objects thrust into us like we are some kind of doll needing mending. Yes we are totally cute but there is no confusion that we are living breathing beings... hello my chest is moving in and out, screams flourished from my lungs, and tears streamed down my face. In the insane confusion I am not certain but I believe arden did the same. We were stripped, measured, weighed and we thought we had seen the worst and that everything was ok... Dr. Reidy looked at us and talked to us... but no I was mistaken... I was in mid-sentence saying ah-boo to mommy and wam the nurse lady stabbed me with a needle. I clearly displayed my dislike... and I hear arden echoing my thoughts and they continue... so I scream louder but it has no effect on these people. I am looking at mommy and she is telling once again that it is okay and I clearly protest this because IT IS CLEARLY NOT OKAY. Blood should not leave ones body... if it does it is NOT okay. It seemed like she stabbed me 20 times before she covered my wounds with bright colored character stickers... Mom called them bandaid's. I have banned that you can aid with... babies against needles. Save us from soreness in our legs and feeling sick for days.

Well I guess I will share the records of our torture...


weight: 15 lbs .5oz (+3 lbs 14.5 oz.)
length: 23.5 in. (+1.5 in.)
head c: 41.5 cm. (+3 cm.)


weight: 13 lbs. 15.5 oz. (+4 lbs. 6 oz.)
length: 23 in. (+1.5 in.)
head c: 41 cm. (+3.5 cm)

Well according to the stats I out grew Arden but I still have lots of catching up to do to catch up to her. For height I am still below 5% but give me time... I am not destined to be short... I hope. Dr. Reidy says we are healthy babies. Momma was questioning our weight but she said it was good and not to worry but we are in the 75-90% range... who would have thought 4 months ago I was only 4 lbs. 13 oz. Okay so that is one positive thing about being measured... that you can see how much we have changed but that is all I am giving you on that.

okay I am not feeling so swift... going to give mom a few more sleepless hours.. pssshh it's okay... that is what I am about to tell her.. I know you are tired and can't sleep and I am making you stay up even later but it will be okay mommy. :) I love you mommy.

Babies Against Needles

Sunday, July 20, 2008

day 122: midnight wakening



day 122: old pictures

hands and feet

soothing vibrations

arden in the am

morning cuddle time

hi mommy, i don't like cameras


day 122: 4 months

Wooooohoooooo we turned 4 months on July 20th. It is kinda crazy how fast time is flying by for us. I mean, when we arrived here we could barely breath or see for that matter and now we can see across the room. We have gotten to know loads of people that we heard from our original warm dark place inside of mommy. We have great conversations of babble and loads of laughter and smiles. Adren is sooooooo strong... she is almost pushing up onto her hands and I am following close behind. I can flip from my stomach to back... momma thinks it is soooooo awesome when I do this... it is just funny to see her freak out... we also get this response when we call her mommy. Arden is close to flipping over from her back to her stomach. We also love it when momma is holding us and then we push our legs out and soar into the sky... we stand so proud and tall and then mommy freaks out again with smiles and praise. I am her little man and Arden is her girl. We love mommy, we miss daddy, and we are happy to be hanging back with nana at her house. We get loads of tummy time and we got this new contraption with all these bright colors and noisy things... we sit in it... I think mommy called it an exerciser... sometimes it is a little overwhelming and well we can't really hold ourselves up for super long but we dig it for short periods of time.... we really like our floor mat though... all these cool things hang from it. Arden almost had a cow the other day because she couldn't pull one of the toys down to put in her mouth... I haven't seen her get that mad in forever. She is very determined and passionate about what she wants... I try to go with the flow though.

Ummm I am not demanding.... yes you are Arden... it is ok... it will be great qualities when you are older... what does that supposed to mean... it means that you follow the meaning of your name... fiery and burning with enthusiasm... and what about your name Ramsey... mine means strong... I am strong. ok but I am not demanding I just know what I want, what is wrong with that??? Nothing Arden that was not an insult... a complement... uhhhh people don't want to hear us already... they have years to hear us bicker... Big sister's.. so sensitive and loud... I heard that Ramsey. Okay Okay sorry... ok well before she hits me or kicks me again "on accident" I am going to end this transmission. Love you all!!!

~ Ramsey

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

day 118: new friends

So we were hanging with Momma and Valentin today in Montrose. Daddy was a home catching a few needed zzzz's. Momma and Valentin decided to get their grub on and hit up chuy's for a bit of tex-mex. As always we were waiting for seating and were hanging out on the bench outside and around the corner came another set of twins. It was weird... one of the twins had Arden's name and they were born a day after us and they live right by our house... weird and their mommy does photography as well. Totally awesome. They should definitely be our new best buds! Momma said she is going to keep in contact with their mommy and we can have play dates. We are totally stoked!

Friday, July 11, 2008

day 113: not the mommy

sorry I hurt your feelings daddy but you are not the mommy.

mommy note:
So Arden feels, as of late, I am the one and only. It is mommy time. Kinda strange for a 3 month old to say mommy to begin with but when she is overly tired or hungry or wants her diaper changed, she wants her mommy. Jeramie is a little booboo kitty about it but this is just a phase and soon she will be asking for dada dada dada. When it happens it will feel awesome but you will also be tired because as we all know... our little girl is a bit demanding at times. She is amazing though! Your time will come.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

day 109: deciphering babble

So momma and daddy have been laughing non-stop lately. All smiles. Arden and I find this very entertaining. It is awesome how we can train them to do different responses. Momma always comes to us when we wake up and says hi... I love you. I respond with ahhhh boooooooo and that gives her a big huge smile. This totally lights up her face. She totally gives this huge smile and she picks me up and hugs me and loves me and changes my diaper and gives me food. It works well. Momma and Daddy think this means Love you... I agree. Ahhh boooo - love you.

Arden is a chatter box... she says ahh boooooo as well but she gets the best response when she is fiery and mad... mom and dad knows she means business when she yells out Mamma Mamma Mamma. If it gets past her screaming for mamma she is all red in the face and vibrating with anger. She loves momma but she loves daddy too. We both do. We pretty much get the same response from both of them. Arden talks for hours at a time... very intently, not only to momma and daddy but to pawpaw and memaw and nana. All our favorite people. It is funny to see how they all respond to us.

so deciphering the code:

hi = hi
ahhhhh boooooooooooooo = I love you
momma momma momma = momma better come now with a bottle warmed.

more words deciphered as they come. We will keep you updated.

Mommy Note:
The morning wake up call from Ramsey melts out hearts. Their is no better words to hear when you are all cracked out from lack of sleep than AHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He is sooooooo cute and sweet. And my little Arden's crooked smile is absolutely adorable. She is so passionate and burning with enthusiasm... her spirit matches her name exactly. The Mamma Mamma Mamma is awesome. Her first word is momma and she already recognizes that as my name. My little genius. They are communicating so well. I love this stage of discovery.

Monday, July 7, 2008

day 109: our telepathic communicator has been reconnected

Mom is finally out of school and somewhat functional! Yay. So much has happened since our last post. Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Aunt Julie, Memaw, Pawpaw and everyone else that we have encountered keep telling us we are HUGE. We have grown so much. We out grew our clothes twice... I miss some of my shirt... what about you Arden? I miss a couple of outfits but I am totally digging the grown up clothes we are getting. Yeah I totally dig my pimpin' new shirts and pants... Just wait 'til winter when we get to be totally stylin' with layers! Yay beanies and hoodies. :) Anyways so yeah we look pretty stylin' but that is a givin'. Go hog wild with being a shop-a-holic pops. :) Just can't wait until the swoops grows in... Grow hair, Grow. I didn't think we had to worry about being bald until we were daddy's age. Haha just pickin' dad.

Anyways.. hmmmm we just got back from the Lake house for 4th of July. Mom was still under her recovery period. She was up for weeks with us and her philosophy class. We had fun with Dad and we spent loads of time with Memaw and Pawpaw. We totally bonded. I am Memaw's little bud... She says if I smile then she would give me anything I wanted... haha just wait Memaw... just wait lol. I am Pawpaw favorite.. he said so... I know Arden... we all know Arden. Just kidding... we know everyone loves us the same. Well we are going to make mom catch up with the blogging but for now yaaaaaaawwnnnnnnnnnn we are going to take a nappy.


arden and ramsey.

day 109: potty talk

Arden and the projectile poop missile:

5 minutes I struggled to poop and there was nothing coming for what seemed like days. My face was blaring red and momma was saying it would be o.k. I was like woman it does not feel like it will be o.k. I am dying here. She picked me up and laid be down on my back. She took a sideways glance in my diaper and out of no where a pop. Noise burst into air and the poop missile went sailing with great force. With a loud thud it hit the diaper. Momma had this look of total shock and nana was like wooooo. "Thank god I didn't open the diaper all the way, otherwise it was sure to have crossed the room." was mommas response. I feel much better now.

All smiles.

Ramsey and the playdoe machine:

So daddy was changing my diaper. I had been struggling for what seemed forever and finally I got out one poop. Daddy had my diaper off and he was holding my legs in the air about to clean me off but there was no holding it back. Sorry daddy plop plop plop plop, the spaghetti playdoe machine came into effect. It was like catching pop flies, daddy was like wooooow. He went into his ahhhhhhhhhh information overload what to do what to do ahhhhh but he managed it well. No poop landed on the carpet. All was good and he had another poop story to tell for the rest of the days to come. I know I will never live this down when I am older.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

day 84: twelve weeks

We are twelve weeks old today... pretty crazy. 8 days to go until we are 3 months old.

We took a bath today in the big bath tub. We floated around and kicked in the water... it was awesome. I totally was bummed when momma took me out of the tub, but it was arden's turn. She had fun too.

After our bath we got dressed and did tummy time... laid on our activity mat and watch baby einstein and the water horse.

We are pretty tired... Arden totally just passed out. She snores loud. It is cute.

Time to go hang out with nana.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

day 83: to our loyal fan base... of one

We have been totally out of it as of late... there is so much to post about but mommy has been quote unquote "TOO BUSY" to post for us... lame... she should just buy use a macbook pro and ummm... wait.... yeah... we still need her to type for us... hmm

**note to self: move computer demands to 6 years of age – day 2,190**.

We are list people. That is how we get it done. :) anyways we will catch up soon on the happenings.

Other than that... can you give a twin some feedback... we really enjoy hearing from you or maybe we are writing to the empty space of non-readers... but we are stylin' twins and we know you are out there...(Ramsey is giving you the flirty eyes...) NO I AM NOT... haha now he is blushing... Arden you are mean. Awww boo boo kitty... :( I love you Ramsey... :( OKAY HE WAS NOT GIVING YOU THE FLIRTY EYES (yes he was)


day 83: to our pops

boogers of green
poops and doo
arden and ramsey
totally love you


We send this message early because we will be gracing your door step TOMORROW. TOMORROW. I LOVE YA TOMORROW. TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY... Mom says that you totally love that song... Arden promises to sing it to you all the time.. when she finds her singing voice! :) For now we will channel it through mommy.

Later Pops

Arden and Ramsey

Saturday, June 7, 2008

day 78: kristyn's 13 birthday bash

Happy birthday kristyn. We love you and had loads of fun and entertainment with the theatrical songs and dances. Thanks a bunch for reading to us... it was awesome. We can't wait to hang out with you again in 2 weeks. We hope that your birthday this weekend is loads of fun... you deserve it chica. Oh by the way we know that momma took you out and got you clothes but we are claiming the ROCKSTAR belt as our gift to you because it is totally dope. That is a definite regift must for our 13th birthday!!!!

Anyways love you bunches!

Arden and Ramsey

Saturday, May 31, 2008

day 72: nana birthday celebration

Woooooooooooohooooooooooo nana turned

Happy birthday nana. We love you bunches. We bought nana her favorite flowers for her birthday. We were watching them sway in the wind. They are dangly and pretty. Today we went to Aunt Julie's house to celebrate nana's big day with a bbq. We all surprised her with a book specially designed just for her containing letters from close friends and relatives telling her how special she is. It brought nana to tears. Aunt Julie did an awesome job putting it together.... and mama was all doing the covert operations stealing family photos and scanning them in... break into nana's address book, phone, and computer to get info Aunt Julie requested... She even made international calls... oops.. sorry Kaye. Aunt Julie was making mama break the law... but we must say it was all worth it to see nana's face. If only words could only express how awesome she is. No one will ever know how caring and self sacrificing she is. Simply put, she is an amazing women, and even more amazing Nana. (and mama says "an amazing mother, she couldn't have done a better job!")

The day was great, filled with food, pictures, and endless hours of Wii. Can you say our family is addicted. We just chilled with daddy and nana most of the time and mama was the "photographer" for the occasion. She did a good job. She took loads and loads and loads and loads of pictures.

here are a few.

oops mama didn't upload them... :D

<-images coming soon->

well we are getting tired... telepathically transmitting our thoughts through momma is hard work and very tiring.

Happy birthday nana!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

day 65: lake house adventures - lazy days

So Arden and I ventured to our family lake house for the first time this weekend. We were still recovering from our 2 month wellness visit that made us feel not so well... I repeat we do not like shots! We wore momma and nana out but our cousin kristyn tried to help out too when nana pulled the "sorry can't do it/I am going to sleep" card. We had a little bonding sesh... she sang to us a sweet lullabies of her creation... I think it went like this "go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep my little babies. Go to sleep, Go to sleep , Go to sleep before I scream... go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep I am begging you... go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep before I scream." (I think mom proved her point that taking care of two of us is tiring some times.) Arden and I were totally stoked to see how much fun and how much trouble we can get into at the lake house... all we need to do is grow and be able to crawl and the twins will turn into the little imps... can you say...

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the balcony
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Is that an open cabinet?
Is that a great hiding place?
Is that you that called us once
did you think we zoomed into outer space

We like hide and seekin'
forever make you wonder.
Racin' with my twin
And the bed that were under
Yeah Darlin' we're going to make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
drive momma crazy more than once
And make her zoom into outer space

Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
We never wanna say goodbye

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

Wow breaking out in song haha... that was fun. American Idol see you in 17 years.

The following photo diary is mostly what took place this weekend.


down time.

couch potato.

secretly watch tv through the window... mom never knew.


man I liked that show.