Thursday, June 12, 2008

day 84: twelve weeks

We are twelve weeks old today... pretty crazy. 8 days to go until we are 3 months old.

We took a bath today in the big bath tub. We floated around and kicked in the water... it was awesome. I totally was bummed when momma took me out of the tub, but it was arden's turn. She had fun too.

After our bath we got dressed and did tummy time... laid on our activity mat and watch baby einstein and the water horse.

We are pretty tired... Arden totally just passed out. She snores loud. It is cute.

Time to go hang out with nana.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

day 83: to our loyal fan base... of one

We have been totally out of it as of late... there is so much to post about but mommy has been quote unquote "TOO BUSY" to post for us... lame... she should just buy use a macbook pro and ummm... wait.... yeah... we still need her to type for us... hmm

**note to self: move computer demands to 6 years of age – day 2,190**.

We are list people. That is how we get it done. :) anyways we will catch up soon on the happenings.

Other than that... can you give a twin some feedback... we really enjoy hearing from you or maybe we are writing to the empty space of non-readers... but we are stylin' twins and we know you are out there...(Ramsey is giving you the flirty eyes...) NO I AM NOT... haha now he is blushing... Arden you are mean. Awww boo boo kitty... :( I love you Ramsey... :( OKAY HE WAS NOT GIVING YOU THE FLIRTY EYES (yes he was)


day 83: to our pops

boogers of green
poops and doo
arden and ramsey
totally love you


We send this message early because we will be gracing your door step TOMORROW. TOMORROW. I LOVE YA TOMORROW. TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY... Mom says that you totally love that song... Arden promises to sing it to you all the time.. when she finds her singing voice! :) For now we will channel it through mommy.

Later Pops

Arden and Ramsey

Saturday, June 7, 2008

day 78: kristyn's 13 birthday bash

Happy birthday kristyn. We love you and had loads of fun and entertainment with the theatrical songs and dances. Thanks a bunch for reading to us... it was awesome. We can't wait to hang out with you again in 2 weeks. We hope that your birthday this weekend is loads of fun... you deserve it chica. Oh by the way we know that momma took you out and got you clothes but we are claiming the ROCKSTAR belt as our gift to you because it is totally dope. That is a definite regift must for our 13th birthday!!!!

Anyways love you bunches!

Arden and Ramsey