Monday, August 11, 2008

day 146: poopers and kickers

So today I drove daddy nuts... no pun intended. I felt really bad.. this horrible infliction of the rumbling acid in my tummy... well I thought it would be a small toot and it hurt so bad... so I kinda arched my back to get it out... nope... wasn't a fart but a shart and flew out the back end of my diaper... not just all over me but daddy too. He wasn't too happy but smiling made it all better.

Later he was changing my diaper and I was laughing and doing this new thing I learned from the Jack's big music show called dancing... I was just kicking my legs around trying to entertain the way I do... and well I was so entertaining that I sent dad head over feet in a crippling position... it appeared I am now being charged with assault with brut force...

... and tell them what you did to me... momma caught it on film so no denying it...

I also kicked arden... a few times... and stuck my finger in her ear... a few times... and pulled her ear... a few times... and made her cry. I am sorry arden but at least I didn't poop on you.

ok I had an off day but in retrospect... you know you are all laughing!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

day 142: errors

mommy wanted to remind everyone, with sleep deprivation comes typo's and grammatical errors... :) excuses, excuses.

Friday, August 8, 2008

day 141: face obsession: response from mommy

oh how I know little Rams, that your sister can be a pill... for instance, I just changed her into her pj's, kissed her on the cheek, and she grabbed my bangs and aimed her strong little fingers for my lip ring (i will probably regret mentioning that detail in the coming years) and she was relentless in her release.

So in the coming years when you come to me with complaints of abuse... I will sympathize and direct you to this very post. She is my fiery little angel, full of determination and spirit... though that irish temper might flame... she loves you and you will be okay. Because when that fiery spirit is turned to defend you... you will see it as a blessing as when you protect her she will feel the same. Fighting between siblings is like milk and cookies, jelly with peanut butter, chuck's with indie kids... one without the other is just not a natural thing. Though I will pray that we all get a long... the likelihood is just a prayer.

day 141: daddy is funny

So daddy was complaining about aches and pains... momma said he was old... he was complaining about wii elbow... not sure what that is but if he is referring to him and mom pretending that they were throwing a fake ball at the tv (instead of us being able to watch Jack's Big Music Show) then dad that is just pathetic... but we love you! :)

day 141: face obsession

So Arden has an obsession with my face... she beats me upside my head, scratches my eyes, and pulls my lips, and sticks her fingers in my nose... I keep telling her I am not a toy... I know I am cute but she doesn't have to be catty because she is just as beautiful. She likes to ram her feet in my ribs... if that was not bad enough she digs her toes into me and pinches me... and it hurts. She is so strong and her toes are so long. Momma wonders why I learned to roll but she just rolls on after me. Momma catches her next to me and thinks it is so cute because she grabs my hand but she doesn't realize she just whopped me in the head and I am not asleep... I am unconscious.... are such a cry baby tattle tell I saw the commercial, voice the abuse... don't hide it and as soon as I can pick up the phone I am dialing the digits.

...ewwww big talk for a little man.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

day 140: 20 weeks and on the move...

Today we are 20 weeks old... mommy is an awe how the time has flown by and how much we have grown. She keeps stating that with kids she is now so much more aware of how old she is getting by the day and how this year will age her to the point that her youthful appearance will probably catch up to her actual years due to the lack of sleep and the stress of school coupled with parenthood. But we are the best thing that ever happened in her life... we are not sure if she just likes telling us that or if she is just reminding herself... or maybe she is just so sleep deprived that she just forgot that she told us that 17 times thus far today and it is only 3pm... her repetitiveness is making me narcoleptic and I am starting to feel bad... sorry mom. Here is a :D you always say that brightens your day. Anyway what is going on around here... well Arden and I have been rollin' I mean so much we clear the mat... we play a game "the steamroller" to see how long it takes momma to notice we are off the edge of the blanket... usually not long but it is cool to touch the cool sensation of the fake wood floor beneath my fingers... and give it a quick lick before momma can whisk me off to the padded domain where I am supposed to remain. Momma is so proud that we can both roll from back to stomach and stomach to back... she always expresses how proud she is of us... but the thought of full on mobility is just a scary thought to say the least. Mommy is really funny. ok well it is narcoleptic time so until next time.


Friday, August 1, 2008

day 134: what is this cont.

Well momma laid me down last night but the pain was still there and I was sooooooo tired... I hadn't taken a nap all day. So she picked me up and we laid and watch a movie and I slept with her all night. I woke up at 3am for a bottle and then crashed out again. So far I am feeling okay today. Just chillin' with Arden and momma doing some tummy time.

Arden did awesome last night as well. She slept all through the night... I did that the night before last... we rocked it. I guess Arden liked the 3 bowls of cereal :)

well wow wow wubsey just came on so I am going to stare at all the geometrical shapes for a bit... it is so retro. Gidget is awesome... she builds robots. We love robots!