Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day 432: experience the life

hey all -

just sharing our days!

xo RA

nana bought me a book and grandma bought me a shirt

nappy time

nappy time cuddle

Saturday, May 23, 2009

day 429: days

chillin'. eatin'. watching the astros making papal proud!

rockin' out

Friday, May 15, 2009

day 421: birthday bash pictures finally here

First Birthday at Grandma and Papa Fletcher

First Birthday at Nana's

day 421: Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers 2009

So do you noticed that our heads turn from this way to that... well that was all achieved thanks to big daddy-o doing laps back and forth making us laugh and grin—he is so silly. Oh and lets not forget mommy's secret plan of distraction and photo skills. They are both sooooo sneaky. Good team.

day 421: random pictures

day 421: holes

I just wanted to inform everyone of a great discovery. I found my nostril and I can tickle my brain. Mommy says NO and thinks it is gross... but I think it is amazing and has a great after taste... how great it is to be a toddler. Also since our last post we have been walking walking walking. We will take over the living room, then the house, then the world!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

day 418: discoveries

just a quick note.

Momma is out of school which we think is totally dope. We went to our first art opening friday night. I thought the freight elevator was totally wacked and I covered my ears and tried to picture myself in a better place. It was scary... even momma said it was something out of a b-rated horror movie from the early 80's. Arden played cool and didn't phase her a bit. I will disclose now that I refused to take a nap all day and so I was rather wiped when I got there and I totally was not digging all the noise and people and especially the combo of the two — so I made momma chill with me most of the time. We met all of momma's professors and then I passed out! Arden was up the whole time... we danced, we checked out the art, we mingled, we partied and then the return to the downward descent of the evil elevator. Then daddy and nana drove us home so momma could finish up. It was a fun night.

Besides that we are both walking and taking our little steps building up to running around and making a muck. Cay looking forward to your house during christmas! :)