Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 437: scare momma to death

So we had a long couple of days. Nana's birthday came fast approaching and we were not about to miss it. Momma ran around packing and shopping and before we knew it we were trekking her way. Austin bound here we go. After a long drive we arrive just in time to sit for a second and again we were whisked off towards Aunt Julie's to begin the celebrations.

We arrived at Aunt Julie's and my little brother (OK by 2 minutes, we got it Rams) Ramsey was definitely fed up with the travel and was ready to crash out. He was a little fussy but I was all about it! Heck yeah let's party! Better yet lets get the grub on. Uncle David whipped um some awesome burgers and Nana and Aunt Julie busted out some good fruit. Aunt Julie's house was fun. Ramsey was walking and exploring but I was sticking to all fours with speed and determination. I was off to one end of the house to the other in a zip zam zoom boom. I was so excited and amazed at the space and my speed I wasn't looking ahead only my little hands drumming and my little knees following the beat and with every good drum line a crash is sure to come. My head meets wall... Bookshelf... Couch... Wall. You get the picture. So I cooled my roll and started looking up and all got better. We celebrated. Had grub and cake made an absolute mess and off we went back to nana's house. Sadly we are saying goodbye to one our first homes.

Anyway fast forward to the next day. The morning we spent completely exhausting Nana during "Nana Time" and then we were off again. To the store and then to Nana's new apartment to Aunt Julie's back to the apartment. Momma ran up and down those stairs a million times while she trucked back and forth unloading Nana's stuff. We wore out Nana even more during this time. Finally momma was done—sweaty and wiped but we were still up and going past our bed time. Ramsey was up exploring and I was chillin with momma. She was watching as he teetered to the front door. The minute he bent over she was off running towards him. Plop, what every he had in his hand was now a new flavor in his mouth. Momma pulled it out within half a second and I could swear I heard that little beetle scream for its life. Soaked in Ramsey's drool, kicking its many legs in wild protest. Out the door and to the wind the beetle was freed and Ramsey was whisked to the kitchen for a wash and a glass of milk to down any protein that might remain. This was now bedtime. Enough excitement for one day.

Moments went by with silence then protesting screams came soaring through the night. Of course it was Ramsey not me... This time. So momma got him and he got her laughing and watching Peter Pan and settling down. They said goodbye to Nana and Momma came in to check on me. I was no where to be seen. She left me in my crib. A sheet is a sheet I didn't know it was fitted. I tucked myself beneath and tucked it over me. It was my invisible cloak and I disappeared. She touch the bottom in complete frenzy and I was there. She ripped it away and grabbed me. My face was full of smiles. The air full of giggles. I scared momma to death but she loves loves loves me. She hugged me and kissed me and tucked me back in. Gave me an exra blanket—one to cuddle, one to cover me and I went back to sleep again. Ramsey joined me shortly after but I'll see momma in a couple hours during my Midnight momma time. Until then.

XO Arden

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day 432: experience the life

hey all -

just sharing our days!

xo RA

nana bought me a book and grandma bought me a shirt

nappy time

nappy time cuddle

Saturday, May 23, 2009

day 429: days

chillin'. eatin'. watching the astros making papal proud!

rockin' out

Friday, May 15, 2009

day 421: birthday bash pictures finally here

First Birthday at Grandma and Papa Fletcher

First Birthday at Nana's

day 421: Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers 2009

So do you noticed that our heads turn from this way to that... well that was all achieved thanks to big daddy-o doing laps back and forth making us laugh and grin—he is so silly. Oh and lets not forget mommy's secret plan of distraction and photo skills. They are both sooooo sneaky. Good team.

day 421: random pictures

day 421: holes

I just wanted to inform everyone of a great discovery. I found my nostril and I can tickle my brain. Mommy says NO and thinks it is gross... but I think it is amazing and has a great after taste... how great it is to be a toddler. Also since our last post we have been walking walking walking. We will take over the living room, then the house, then the world!