Monday, September 22, 2008

day 186: 6 month doctor visit

I knew what was coming before they even stripped our clothes. I saw the scale and the protest began. BAN (babies against needles) I knew what is going to happen people - I am not the unknowing infant that you think I am. Arden played it cool. We went along with all the measurements and Mommy and Daddy talked about all their "concerns". It is obvious that I like resting in my fav position but evidently mommy and everyone is not down with the "cause and effect" and now I am going to go be poked and probed by someone else next Monday and possibly sport head gear to help out the shape or something... big words were flying about so I didn't catch all the meaning of the lingo... I have been diagnosed with plagiocephaly <- see big word. Basically they are concerned that my head is a little to flat on my right side... I find it more comfortable but whatever. The words moderate to severe came into play. Great. Mommy looks worried. STRESS! Then after all that the ladies with needles entered the room... protest did not help nor the cries that bellowed from our mouths. Daddy and Mommy broke out in song the moment the mean ladies left the room. Hey Jude don't make it bad... take a sad song and make it better... combined with a nice refreshing bottle we were somewhat soothed. A mad dash to the homestead and a dropper full of Tylenol we are doing ok. I think it is time for some dinner and a nap. The stress of the day is very wearing on the energy level.

For the record:


weight: 18 lbs 3.5oz (+3 lbs 3 oz.)
length: 25.75 in. (+2.25 in.)
head c: 43 cm. (+1.5 cm.)


weight: 17 lbs. 0.5 oz. (+3 lbs. 1 oz.)
length: 25.5 in. (+2.5 in.)
head c: 43 cm. (+2 cm)

'Til next time



Thursday, September 18, 2008

day 182: progress

So we are starting to army crawl. Exciting. Well I would more accurately state that Arden tries to take off the floor and dive forward developing rug burns on her chest because she doesn't use her arms enough... I on the other hand go a few centimeters and cave to the strenuous activity and roll over or pass out. Hey it is a lot of work people... I do not know how you just pop up and walk around... It is insanity I tell you. Arden rolls around like a rollie pollie again I am just like are you tired flippie but nope she just cruses on over and rolls right on top of me. We are getting to the point that we can't even share a bed. Her favorite position is sleeping on her stomach... mom has given up on flipping on her back... just makes sure a 1001 times a night she is still breathing. Me on the other hand is having major reflux that we will be addressing with Dr. Reidy even if it takes puking on her. Momma has been really busy with us and school so she will be updating with pics and video's as soon as she can manage more than 3 hours sleep a night. Well I am in demand of a fresh bottle. Check you peeps later!


day 182: we survived

So momma had this inclination that Ike was going to strike... she skipped school and we skipped town... Daddy being brave (or stupid your choice) stuck out the storm. After a couple of nights of no electricity he escaped to Austin, as well - only to return the next day for work. Mom had to go back to school which she exclaimed was absolutely ridiculous of U of H to conduct classes when streets were not safe, power outages and food and gas shortages still plagued the city. She proclaimed that she was not a pioneer woman and that is one of the reasons she fled to Austin besides the obvious... two 5 month old infants and no electricity did not mix and the utter chaos of people threatened by mass hysteria thrust into their primitive states of survival mode was not safe for her or her kids... we chilled in Austin with Nana and she witnessed the insanity of Houston and the surrounding areas and quickly returned after surveying the damage that took place at our humble abode. Devastation surrounded Houston and the surrounding areas papa's beach cabin was effected the worst... but amazing still stands.

Well we are safe and happy at Nana's house. Chillin' with air conditioner and the luxuries in life. Oh yeah gotta love Jack's Big Music Show. We all know that Ramsey has a thing for Lori as he cat calls her every time she comes on tv... that is right Arden you know it!!!