Thursday, July 31, 2008

day 133: what is this???

Today I have experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever experience. I thought the needles were bad... no. I thought the removal of my thing down there was bad... well that was pretty darn close... but the aching in throbbing in my mouth will no go away... it hurt sooooooooooooooo bad yesterday. I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to eat my cereal. All that would help is chewing on my hand and the nipple of the bottle... I had soooo many bottle yesterday just to soothe my pain. Momma held me and kissed me and sang to me and that made me feel better and she felt in my mouth and was like ohhhh i feel something and I smiled and giggled and it made me feel better and she gave me that sweet sticky red stuff that makes me feel ahhhhh so much better.

day 133: rollie pollie continued

Well this is Arden's week of of rollin rollin rollin. She flipped from stomach to back today... she is awesome. I love my big sis. Momma was so stoked. Yay Arden!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

day 130: rollie pollie doing an advanced roll

So Arden is rockin and rollin literally... I was just chillin with mom chowing down on my bottle and Arden was chillin on the play mat and she flipped... mom missed it... she was on the phone with nana but she turned around and Arden was magically on her belly... it was awesome. Momma was so happy. Arden was a little scared though and momma picked her up and comforted her and told her how very proud she was doing her advanced back to stomach roll. So I roll from my stomach to my back and Arden roles back to stomach... we are a pair. :) together we can just roll right out of here... :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 126: knock out

So Momma was feeding arden at 8ish this morning... Mommy played boxing with her grabbing her hand and faked punched Momma's face and was like oww your a strong one... arden was giggling.. it was so funny Arden actually pulled back and punch Momma in the chin...

momma note:
umm it hurt and that game is done never again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

day 125: enthusiastic puking reactions

so I puked on mommy after over-indulging in a fabulous bottle and she caught the reaction on video. Sorry mommy.

oh and I said ah-boo right when she ended the video! I get camera shy :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 124: mmm cereal

So after going to our 4 month appointment (Support B.A.N.), Dr. Reidy told mommy we can start eating rice cereal. I think this is the best thing ever... mmmmmmm. I eat ever last spoon full. It was kinda messy at first but by the end of the first bowl I was chomping down on the metal thing... yeah spoon... I couldn't get enough. I was loving it when momma fed me. I was smiling and giggling and squealing... she took great joy in it. What about you Arden? Oh I think it is awesome... it is great for blowing bubbles and spitting out across the room and all over mommy... I guess I didn't get it that we were supposed to be learning how to eat... It was really fun though. Mommy took pictures and photos but we are currently protesting the use of cameras... we just stare at them like deer in headlights and cease all cuteness that was being displayed. Yay for rice cereal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

day 123: 4 month doctor visit

okay once again I will state we totally love dr. reidy. Unfortunately mom believes we are going back for our 6 month check up on Sept 22nd but arden and I have established a united front. We are boycotting and would like you all to join us in the effort that will forbid the happenings that take place in that office to EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. We are calling this campaign "B.A.N." Babies Against Needles. So all you little folks - let us (BAN)NED together. Join our efforts - use your voices and scream and protest.

I believe last time we clearly communicated that we do not like to be stabbed REPEATEDLY by long metal objects thrust into us like we are some kind of doll needing mending. Yes we are totally cute but there is no confusion that we are living breathing beings... hello my chest is moving in and out, screams flourished from my lungs, and tears streamed down my face. In the insane confusion I am not certain but I believe arden did the same. We were stripped, measured, weighed and we thought we had seen the worst and that everything was ok... Dr. Reidy looked at us and talked to us... but no I was mistaken... I was in mid-sentence saying ah-boo to mommy and wam the nurse lady stabbed me with a needle. I clearly displayed my dislike... and I hear arden echoing my thoughts and they continue... so I scream louder but it has no effect on these people. I am looking at mommy and she is telling once again that it is okay and I clearly protest this because IT IS CLEARLY NOT OKAY. Blood should not leave ones body... if it does it is NOT okay. It seemed like she stabbed me 20 times before she covered my wounds with bright colored character stickers... Mom called them bandaid's. I have banned that you can aid with... babies against needles. Save us from soreness in our legs and feeling sick for days.

Well I guess I will share the records of our torture...


weight: 15 lbs .5oz (+3 lbs 14.5 oz.)
length: 23.5 in. (+1.5 in.)
head c: 41.5 cm. (+3 cm.)


weight: 13 lbs. 15.5 oz. (+4 lbs. 6 oz.)
length: 23 in. (+1.5 in.)
head c: 41 cm. (+3.5 cm)

Well according to the stats I out grew Arden but I still have lots of catching up to do to catch up to her. For height I am still below 5% but give me time... I am not destined to be short... I hope. Dr. Reidy says we are healthy babies. Momma was questioning our weight but she said it was good and not to worry but we are in the 75-90% range... who would have thought 4 months ago I was only 4 lbs. 13 oz. Okay so that is one positive thing about being measured... that you can see how much we have changed but that is all I am giving you on that.

okay I am not feeling so swift... going to give mom a few more sleepless hours.. pssshh it's okay... that is what I am about to tell her.. I know you are tired and can't sleep and I am making you stay up even later but it will be okay mommy. :) I love you mommy.

Babies Against Needles

Sunday, July 20, 2008

day 122: midnight wakening



day 122: old pictures

hands and feet

soothing vibrations

arden in the am

morning cuddle time

hi mommy, i don't like cameras


day 122: 4 months

Wooooohoooooo we turned 4 months on July 20th. It is kinda crazy how fast time is flying by for us. I mean, when we arrived here we could barely breath or see for that matter and now we can see across the room. We have gotten to know loads of people that we heard from our original warm dark place inside of mommy. We have great conversations of babble and loads of laughter and smiles. Adren is sooooooo strong... she is almost pushing up onto her hands and I am following close behind. I can flip from my stomach to back... momma thinks it is soooooo awesome when I do this... it is just funny to see her freak out... we also get this response when we call her mommy. Arden is close to flipping over from her back to her stomach. We also love it when momma is holding us and then we push our legs out and soar into the sky... we stand so proud and tall and then mommy freaks out again with smiles and praise. I am her little man and Arden is her girl. We love mommy, we miss daddy, and we are happy to be hanging back with nana at her house. We get loads of tummy time and we got this new contraption with all these bright colors and noisy things... we sit in it... I think mommy called it an exerciser... sometimes it is a little overwhelming and well we can't really hold ourselves up for super long but we dig it for short periods of time.... we really like our floor mat though... all these cool things hang from it. Arden almost had a cow the other day because she couldn't pull one of the toys down to put in her mouth... I haven't seen her get that mad in forever. She is very determined and passionate about what she wants... I try to go with the flow though.

Ummm I am not demanding.... yes you are Arden... it is ok... it will be great qualities when you are older... what does that supposed to mean... it means that you follow the meaning of your name... fiery and burning with enthusiasm... and what about your name Ramsey... mine means strong... I am strong. ok but I am not demanding I just know what I want, what is wrong with that??? Nothing Arden that was not an insult... a complement... uhhhh people don't want to hear us already... they have years to hear us bicker... Big sister's.. so sensitive and loud... I heard that Ramsey. Okay Okay sorry... ok well before she hits me or kicks me again "on accident" I am going to end this transmission. Love you all!!!

~ Ramsey

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

day 118: new friends

So we were hanging with Momma and Valentin today in Montrose. Daddy was a home catching a few needed zzzz's. Momma and Valentin decided to get their grub on and hit up chuy's for a bit of tex-mex. As always we were waiting for seating and were hanging out on the bench outside and around the corner came another set of twins. It was weird... one of the twins had Arden's name and they were born a day after us and they live right by our house... weird and their mommy does photography as well. Totally awesome. They should definitely be our new best buds! Momma said she is going to keep in contact with their mommy and we can have play dates. We are totally stoked!

Friday, July 11, 2008

day 113: not the mommy

sorry I hurt your feelings daddy but you are not the mommy.

mommy note:
So Arden feels, as of late, I am the one and only. It is mommy time. Kinda strange for a 3 month old to say mommy to begin with but when she is overly tired or hungry or wants her diaper changed, she wants her mommy. Jeramie is a little booboo kitty about it but this is just a phase and soon she will be asking for dada dada dada. When it happens it will feel awesome but you will also be tired because as we all know... our little girl is a bit demanding at times. She is amazing though! Your time will come.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

day 109: deciphering babble

So momma and daddy have been laughing non-stop lately. All smiles. Arden and I find this very entertaining. It is awesome how we can train them to do different responses. Momma always comes to us when we wake up and says hi... I love you. I respond with ahhhh boooooooo and that gives her a big huge smile. This totally lights up her face. She totally gives this huge smile and she picks me up and hugs me and loves me and changes my diaper and gives me food. It works well. Momma and Daddy think this means Love you... I agree. Ahhh boooo - love you.

Arden is a chatter box... she says ahh boooooo as well but she gets the best response when she is fiery and mad... mom and dad knows she means business when she yells out Mamma Mamma Mamma. If it gets past her screaming for mamma she is all red in the face and vibrating with anger. She loves momma but she loves daddy too. We both do. We pretty much get the same response from both of them. Arden talks for hours at a time... very intently, not only to momma and daddy but to pawpaw and memaw and nana. All our favorite people. It is funny to see how they all respond to us.

so deciphering the code:

hi = hi
ahhhhh boooooooooooooo = I love you
momma momma momma = momma better come now with a bottle warmed.

more words deciphered as they come. We will keep you updated.

Mommy Note:
The morning wake up call from Ramsey melts out hearts. Their is no better words to hear when you are all cracked out from lack of sleep than AHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He is sooooooo cute and sweet. And my little Arden's crooked smile is absolutely adorable. She is so passionate and burning with enthusiasm... her spirit matches her name exactly. The Mamma Mamma Mamma is awesome. Her first word is momma and she already recognizes that as my name. My little genius. They are communicating so well. I love this stage of discovery.

Monday, July 7, 2008

day 109: our telepathic communicator has been reconnected

Mom is finally out of school and somewhat functional! Yay. So much has happened since our last post. Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Aunt Julie, Memaw, Pawpaw and everyone else that we have encountered keep telling us we are HUGE. We have grown so much. We out grew our clothes twice... I miss some of my shirt... what about you Arden? I miss a couple of outfits but I am totally digging the grown up clothes we are getting. Yeah I totally dig my pimpin' new shirts and pants... Just wait 'til winter when we get to be totally stylin' with layers! Yay beanies and hoodies. :) Anyways so yeah we look pretty stylin' but that is a givin'. Go hog wild with being a shop-a-holic pops. :) Just can't wait until the swoops grows in... Grow hair, Grow. I didn't think we had to worry about being bald until we were daddy's age. Haha just pickin' dad.

Anyways.. hmmmm we just got back from the Lake house for 4th of July. Mom was still under her recovery period. She was up for weeks with us and her philosophy class. We had fun with Dad and we spent loads of time with Memaw and Pawpaw. We totally bonded. I am Memaw's little bud... She says if I smile then she would give me anything I wanted... haha just wait Memaw... just wait lol. I am Pawpaw favorite.. he said so... I know Arden... we all know Arden. Just kidding... we know everyone loves us the same. Well we are going to make mom catch up with the blogging but for now yaaaaaaawwnnnnnnnnnn we are going to take a nappy.


arden and ramsey.

day 109: potty talk

Arden and the projectile poop missile:

5 minutes I struggled to poop and there was nothing coming for what seemed like days. My face was blaring red and momma was saying it would be o.k. I was like woman it does not feel like it will be o.k. I am dying here. She picked me up and laid be down on my back. She took a sideways glance in my diaper and out of no where a pop. Noise burst into air and the poop missile went sailing with great force. With a loud thud it hit the diaper. Momma had this look of total shock and nana was like wooooo. "Thank god I didn't open the diaper all the way, otherwise it was sure to have crossed the room." was mommas response. I feel much better now.

All smiles.

Ramsey and the playdoe machine:

So daddy was changing my diaper. I had been struggling for what seemed forever and finally I got out one poop. Daddy had my diaper off and he was holding my legs in the air about to clean me off but there was no holding it back. Sorry daddy plop plop plop plop, the spaghetti playdoe machine came into effect. It was like catching pop flies, daddy was like wooooow. He went into his ahhhhhhhhhh information overload what to do what to do ahhhhh but he managed it well. No poop landed on the carpet. All was good and he had another poop story to tell for the rest of the days to come. I know I will never live this down when I am older.