Wednesday, April 30, 2008

day 41: photo op

last days of 5th week.



arden + rabbit

watch my hand mom. we're done.

ramsey + bear

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

day 40: sick.

so lame. After an awesome visit to daddy's where we met the coolest chicks ever and we got to chill at memaw and pawpaw's house for the first time... we returned home to Nana's house all raspy and yucky. Momma was concerned... bugging Nana all night about it. After great debate of is this doctor worthy or just over reacting... Momma and Nana played it safe and got us into the doctors office for an appointment. Yep that was a fast 40$ spent. Anyways we were unable to see our doctor, dr. reidy (she is dope and experienced with handling us... she has g/b twins as well, which makes her a keeper in our book.) Instead we saw Dr. Caldwell and she was great. Mom was relieved she was a good doctor. After a long assessment it was determined that we have our first cold. They were worried about Ramsey's breathing... it was labored and us being premies and so young is was quite concerning. Dr. Caldwell ran additional test to determine if it was a viral respiratory disease that us infants can contract, we are talking bad news to get this and his blood count said we were ok. Mom just has to put saline up our noses and plunge the junk out... FYI, Ramsey and I are not really digging this treatment... and nana put a humidifier in our room to help us breath and we get to sleep in our bouncies for the next few days... ewww the vibration... we have to keep elevated.

Besides that lame news we did our weigh ins. We are supposed to gain a half of a pound to a pound a month right. Well in the last two weeks Ramsey went from 5lbs 14 oz to 7 lbs .5 oz... way to grow little bro... I was still the master gainer... 6lbs 14.5 oz to 8lbs 11.5 oz. That was crazy... that is like 2 lbs almost. watch out little bro... I am totally proving I am your big sis... those 2 minutes count! :D

nap time again.



Monday, April 28, 2008

day 37-38: friends.

This weekend we met mommies two bestest friends.

Saturday April 26th we met the Gabster.

We chilled. She fed Ramsey a bottle. We ventured to target to pick up some baby supplies for the sleep over at Memaw and Pawpaw. We had a great time.

e.t. phone hoooommmme


gaby + ramsey

Sunday, April 27th we met Oliya.

After hours and hours of waiting she was finally here. She surprised us by bearing gifts for Arden and I. THANK YOU OLI. We hung out. Smiled. Had a bite to eat. Starred into each others eyes... love was found but time was cut short... off to Memaw and Pawpaw's house we went. :(


oli + ramsey

oli + arden

Art time with Oli and Ramsey:

entanglement with the middle east.



We miss you both and hope to see you soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

day 31: family time - first month

kristen w/ ramseynana w/ ramsey 
kristyn with ardennana with ramsey  
pawpaw w/ ramsey    
pawpaw with ramsey    
cay w/ ramsey cay w/ ramsey  
cay "gm" with ramsey god mother w/ ramsey  
memaw w/ arden memaw w/ arden Pawpaw w/ arden
memaw with arden memaw with arden pawpaw with arden
memaw w/ ramsey aunt brandy w/ arden  
memaw with ramsey aunt brandy with arden
papa les with arden and ramsey papa les, leo, and ardenpapa les, leo, and arden
papa les, arden, & ramseypapa les, leo, & ardenpapa les, leo, & arden
julie, zoe, and ardenjulie, zoe, and ardenzoe holding arden for the first time
julie, zoe, & ardenjulie, zoe, & ardenzoe holding arden
zoe holding ramsey for first time   
zoe holding ramsey   
zoe feeding arden for the first time    
zoe feeding arden   
zoe feeding ramsey for the first time    
zoe feeding ramsey    

note: all photographs are high resolution images so that you can print a quality copy for your favorite moments.

day 31: one month

This little ones are one month old today. :( Time is flying by so fast.

(note: one month old pictures to be posted later.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

day 30: fingers and toes

day 30: zzzz

We need sleep... the little ones are not agreeing. I had to sit and sooth Ramsey for over an hour while he unclogged his belly, if you know what I am saying... and then when his stomach was cleared, diaper changed, then it was back to eating... finally I get him down and sleeping and bam, Arden plays it like clock work... how does she know he is finally asleep in the other room and she has an hour left until the next time she eats is beyond me but the grunts convert to screams and momma is up again feeding her... she scarfs down the bottle and then it is time to pump... she is still grunting and Ramsey is starting to stir in the monitor... oh the joys of sleep deprivation... nana is dying too... the nap she covered for me just was make up... god zzzzz... I need to wash my clothes and clean the mess in the back yard and poor bastian's mansion needs a massive cleaning... uhhhh where the $@% is jeramie?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

day 28: grow grow grow

How time flies... today Ramsey and Arden are 4 weeks old... on Sunday they will be official a month old. While sitting there with Ramsey and Arden on the activity mat I was thinking about how fast it has all gone by... slipping by in a daze... in that moment ramsey is screaming and flips over from is stomach to his back... A milestone passed in that very moment. I flipped him back and he struggled again and then bam flipped over again. My little ones are growing so fast :(

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

day 26: the visitation - twin to twin encounter

Valentine and Arden, Ramon and Ramsey

Valentin and Arden

Ramon and Ramsey

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

day 26: one month wellness visit

We brought Arden into see doctor Reidy due to what we believed was conjunctivitis in her right eye... She does not have conjunctivitis but instead has Nasolacrimal Duct Stenosis (block tear duct). She was given an eye ointment.

Doctor Reidy went ahead and did the one month wellness visit for both Arden and Ramsey.

Weight: 6 lbs 14.5 oz
Height: 19.25 in
Head: 34.5 cm

She is doing very well. She gained over a pound since the last visit! She now eats 2-5 oz of formula or breast milk every 3 hours.

weight: 5 lbs 14 oz
Height: 19 in
Head: 34 cm

He is doing awesome, gained over a pound as well since last visit. He now eats 2-5 oz of formula or breast milk every 3 hours.

They are finally on the same schedule thank god!!!! We go back on May 21 at 9AM for the 2nd month wellness visit!

Monday, April 14, 2008

day 25: conjunctivitis... sick already?

Arden developed conjunctivitis in her right eye... sick already grrr.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

day 24: the peace negotiations

the peace negotiations


day 24: protest

silent and deafening

day 24: touch

They are growing so fast :( almost a month old!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

day 20: FREEDOM


I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I AM RELEASED!!! I can drive now! Not that I can go anywhere with the 2 little ones here but it is the freedom and the independence that i can do it... besides that I can start walking now and working out in the next 3 to 5 weeks, (when ever my incision is closed and better) which I am all ready for... this pregnancy destroyed my body worse than ever before. I have never been mushy nor had loose skin - yuck!!!! It will be gone!!!

Besides that this is the second night mom and I have been trudging through the days and nights alone with the twins. Nothing horrific to say yet but we are both exhausted. I told mom to take the first nap... so I have now until the 2:30am shift change... it is like I am in school all over again! No sleep!!! :) Mom busted ass last night watching the kids she needs the rest way more than I do. God it is so surreal that I have kids... every time I stop and think about it... it just wow's me. They are so beautiful... arden is so insanely smart or advanced. She gets frustrated so easy when she can't do something... she is 20 days old and I have come to the conclusion I am screwed!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

day 16: the loss

16 days passed since giving birth to two beautiful babies and 25 pounds gone... Woohoo nice pregnancy diet. Pump away the pounds is awesome.

oh the flabby twin skin is starting to scare me though. I have never been mushy and I am mushy... everyone is reassuring it will tighten up though. i can't wait until I can actually work out and tighten back up!

day 16: update and pictures

As I am sure you all know Arden and Ramsey are here. They are now 16 days old and the battle keeps going.

Hospital pictures:

Arden - 2 days old - :( my poor girl hooked up to the machines

Ramsey - 2 days old - Chillin’ under the lights

Ramsey and Arden coming home - 6 days old

I am still dealing with the hematoma, trying to avoid surgery at all cost. So I am sitting here typing with my stomach open in two points of the incision weeping blood. I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms due to the swelling... oh yeah they didn’t tell me about the aftermath swelling... I had absolutely no swelling during pregnancy and I give birth and I blow up... I mean beyond cankles people. I will spare you from all the other aches and pains Vicadin and motrin have been my friends during post delivery!!! I know pregnancy, labor, and the aftermath is so beautiful let me tell you.

Arden is doing way better, she is getting over the jaundice and has now surpassed her birth weight. We had a bout of constipation but she cleared through that last night and is now eating 3 oz. ever 3 hours. That is timed from beginning the feeding to the beginning the next feed to the non-parents out there. So if it takes her an hour to feed then there is only a 2 hour break before feeding her again.

Ramsey is struggling with his weight. We are having to feed him every 2 hours for him to gain weight. He finally reached his birth weight yesterday... He takes about an hour to an hour and a half to feed him his bottle. So basically we never sleep and are on shifts to feed them. Jeramie goes back to work on Monday... so basically I am screwed from that point on!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

day 13: my little man and little princess 9 days old

my little man

my little princess... not the most flattering picture. She is already rock 'n' rolling, staying up all night with bags under the eyes to prove it.