Monday, October 29, 2007

16 weeks: doctor's visit

Today I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant... finally, officially confirmed by the doctor. The test results came back negative on the cystic fibrosis. I took the follow up blood test for the NT test and will find out the result within the next couple of weeks. Everything appears fine with the twins. Dr. Reed was surprised I could feel movement this early but the little ones like to pile up together so it makes it very obvious where they are... as they create lovely stretch marks here and there. Besides that, I am huge... way too big for 4 months which scares the hell out of me, to say the least! I am getting bigger by the week... I mean inches people. Dr. Reed didn't believe the nurse's measurements and reconfirmed them for herself... and was like wow... that was nice.. I loved that. I have only gained a couple of pounds but my doctor says that is fine... as long as I am eating and keeping some food down. I am just burning more calories than ingesting... the babies are doing fine and I am doing fine... it has to do with my metabolism changing and the fact I was over weight when I got pregnant. It is awesome I weigh less at 4 months pregnant than when I started out. The next doctor's visit is on Nov. 19th and we get to do an ultrasound (YAY! more pictures) and we find out the sex of the babies!!!! I am looking forward to seeing the little ones and finally confirming the sex of the twins and ending the debate.

Translation of reactions to twins sex:
2 girls = crying and saying we are screwed (can you say preteens)
1 boy and 1 girl = I told you so / awesome
2 boys = laughing my ass off and saying we are screwed!!! period... could you imagine 2 Jeff's running around... god i don't even want to think about it.

anyways I am exhausted, off to bed... even though the little ones love the night time... that is when they get all frisky.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

15 weeks: blog updates

Added blog entry: 13 weeks: ultrasound pictures
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Check back weekly for new post.

Monday, October 22, 2007

15 weeks: test results

Dr. Reeds office called today. The NT test came back and everything looks good thus far. They changed the date of the 2nd blood test to November 7th at 3:00 p.m. The next doctor's appointment is October 29th and the first installment of the delivery fees are due. Tomorrow is the beginning of the 16th week... approaching 4 months and nearing the half way mark... pretty insane. Also Dr. Reeds office has changed the due date to April 12th on some paper work I received. Just called and they have confirmed the expected due date is April 12th.

Besides that, morning sickness has returned more intensely the last couple of days and I can feel the little ones growing, i.e. hormone symptoms, stretching of uterus and stomach pains... oh the joys of pregnancy, so beautiful and amazing and disgusting all at the same time. Last night I felt, I believe baby B move... I felt the flutters before but this was a alienish feeling move... haha. He.. i say he but I guess "it" is situated on my left ovary; not the best feeling in the world. But they won't shift... they both favor the left side. Aw they are already inseparable.

Yesterday, Zoe, Leo, and I had interesting... entertaining baby discussions. Zoe said she will have lots of babies. Lots of girls and lots of boys and all the girls will be name Zoe and all the boys will be named Leo. (Her example: Zoe 1, Zoe 2, Zoe 3... Leo 1, Leo2, Leo 3, and so on... I believe she was counting 5 boys and 5 girls each. She will have her hands filled if that prediction comes true. Be careful what you wish for... I always said I would have twins and ummm yeah I am having twins... second set I have been pregnant with, so yeah... have fun with that zo. :) Besides that Zoe has changed the wish for twin girls to a boy and girl and Leo just wants boys boys boys... and Julie wants Leo to remain the only grandson but we all love Leo and he will always be special and be my little dude, even though I have a boy in my belly. :) That will be verified the week of November 26th.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

14 weeks: the flu

Jeramie is sick with... what he says, is the flu. He is now off limits and can not come near me until he is germ free... well as much as a human not living in a bubble can be.

Note: if you plan to be around me through out my pregnancy, please do you and I both a favor and invest in a flu shot. Thank you :)

14 weeks: cravings, symptoms, and shifts in life

I'm still having morning sickness but I'm managing to keep things down. I am trying to eat as much as possible but I have still not developed a strong appetite. I'm tired at all times but not near as fatigued as before... Mood swings, I am trying to keep to a minimum... I have done considerably well considering my hormone levels... Jeramie being the only one that makes me lose it. The sympathy pains are driving me nuts... who is pregnant with twins here? Of course, I know I can make the world hell for him when I want because well lets face it... he deserves it and deserves to take it when he purposely tries to piss me off... ah he can take it haha... but all in all things are looking up. Cravings have consisted of Bean Burritos with no onions at Taco bell. I don't like taco bell, so this is umm unusual. Anything spicy, tart, or sweet usually does it.

Besides that, the babies are sticking to the left side and caused the beginning of a stretch mark... oh this cream better freaking work. Stomach is stretching and I am getting bigger by the day... that was confirmed by Erika... thank you so much for that ;) and the boobs are huge, thanks to a random stranger who gave enthusiastic approval about that tonight... and of course Jeramie, that is his current favorite feature proclaimed while getting our hair cut... along with other peoples colorful comments and stares. I love how I am being subjected to sexual harassment even though I feel and look huge. It is freakin' hysterical. Besides that the week has consisted of packing and moving... this weekend is the big move to Austin... I am no longer a Houstonian and now I am a citizen of Austin, TX. :( oh the mixed emotions of it all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

13 weeks: ultrasound & testing

The first NT Test and Cystic Fibrosis test were done today. (10/08/07)
I had my flu vaccination, as well. (10/08/07)
Follow up NT test will take place in 3 weeks. (10/29/07)
Baby A and B both were noted with having excellent fetus movement.

As you can see, they are in the alien/skeleton stage of 13 weeks. They both have excellent movement and believe they are rock star drummers and are constantly moving. We had the NT and Cystic Fibrosis testing on October 8th and we go back on October 29th to finish the testing. We will find out the sex of the twins around 20 weeks (the week of November 26th)... the ultrasound technician believes they are both the same sex due to similar heart rates and size. Besides that I am tired and still fighting morning sickness, but it has improved immensely compared to a few weeks ago. Looking at the ultra sound pics it appears that there is a girl (baby A) and a boy (baby B).

13 weeks: ultrasound pictures

As Requested: Ultrasound Pictures: 13w2d
Note: Click image to view larger.

Baby A: CRL:5.99cm GA:12w4d <3.0%

Baby B: CRL:6.26cm GA:12w5d <3.0%