Thursday, February 28, 2008

33 weeks: ultrasound pics

As Requested: Ultrasound Pictures: 33w5d
Note: Click image to view larger.

Baby B: Girl - Face

33 weeks: dr. visit nst

We had our first NST scan today... It was a disaster! My boy was on the run. He hated it so much he flipped from head down to breech again. The whole thing was miserable and uncomfortable. Dr. Reed got us in to do a bi-physical scan (a fancy name for an ultrasound) to check the kiddo's. They were rocking and rolling so much during the NST that they were pooped and didn't move much during the ultrasound. They eventually both passed the bi-physical exam... My son is definitely a character... during the nst he was kicking and punching at the heart rate and contraction monitor the whole time..... during the ultrasound he hid his face and would turn his back to us... every time the ultrasound tech would go to a data screen he would kick or hit the ultrasound instrument... We got great profile shots of my girl.. the last one she turns and sticks her tongue out. Adorable. After that we had our appointment with the doctor. I had my uterus measured... I am measuring between 40 - 41 cm (over full term) my cervix was manually check... all is good long, no dilating, and no funneling. The doctor believes there is now no threat of pre-term labor... If it starts after 35 weeks it will be real labor and she will not stop it. As long as my boy cooperates and goes into the head down position we will do a vaginal birth in the birthing room. No problem with mom or jeramie being in there. We talked about birthing plan, I don't have to take my piercings out, I can have an epidural after 1 cm dilated if need be... so all is good thus far. We are now going to do ultrasounds every week instead of NST's. We were there for over 3 hours... they freaked me out and my little man flips on me... but I am just happy they are both ok.

33 weeks: baby bump

33 weeks 5 days:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

33 weeks: hmm bows?

bows for fine, thin, or barely there hair... hmm will she wear bows?

Monday, February 25, 2008

33 weeks: twin mom suggestions

Buy your baby books early and buy less complicated ones. I didn't want to have to take a pic each month to put into a baby book, or have a ton of writing. Start to fill it out early so you have less to do when they arrive. Have other people write in it. Put in there a print out of emails from people as they congrat you on their birth, etc. keep your cards, a newspaper the day they were born (write this down of things to do...) pics from shower, a flyer from grocery store for food prices, a coin from the year they were born, any pamphlets from the hospital they were born at. I also kept two diapers (clean) to show them later how small they were, and two premiee onesies.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

32 weeks: ultrasound and doctor visit

Today we had our 32 week ultrasound and doctor's visit. Unfortunately our ultrasound tech has been a little off lately (ear ache) so she rushed through the measurements and we didn't get to really see the babies at all and no pictures. She even measured our baby b's heart rate at 119 and didn't bother noting a concern or rechecking it. (Our nurse saw it on the chart and did the doppler and found out the real heart rate) The ultrasound tech said that this would be our last ultrasound for atleast a month... (meaning today was the last one) Without even saying anything our doctor disagreed and said when ever she feels she wants an ultrasound she will get one done. She feels more at ease when she can actually measure the babies growth rate especially with twins. I love my doctor :) We did get good news from the ultrasound.

Baby A: Boy
Weight: 4 lbs. 5 oz.
HR: 133

Baby B: Girl
Weight: 4 lbs. 2 oz.
HR: 141

Cervix length: 3.26
Uterus length: 38 cm, so almost measuring full term.

Baby A flipped position from breeched to head down... so both my kiddos are in head down positions.

We talked to the doctor and everything looks great. They are in grade 2 percentile meaning that they are right on schedule but the lungs aren't fully developed yet. The doctor said that we should be expecting at 35-37 weeks and we are planning for a vaginal birth... avoiding a c-section if all possible. She said 35 weeks satisfied, 36 weeks happy, 37 weeks would be perfect but she is thinking 36 weeks. We told her that they were both head down and she was super happy and excited. As we are nearing 33 weeks, the threat of pre-term labor is going down and if we start contracting after the 34 week mark, it will be labor and she reenforced the warning signs and when to call. Weekly visits are starting next Thursday, as well as the NST's and weekly cervix check (yeah I am so excited about that one). We are doing the Group B Strep test pretty soon, as well. So I just need to continue taking it easy and taking care of the little ones. Having the other surgery after the delivery, just depends on how bad I am doing. Besides that, Jeramie is a complete tattletale and felt the need to tell the doctor everything I have or have not been doing. I am just like... thanks Jeramie, like seriously grrrr. Comments like that will end me up on hospital bed rest or under the knife. If it was unbearable I would say something. I know he is just trying to take care of all of us. He is afraid about me going through labor and me not being okay but we will all be okay. We have one of the top OBGYN's in Texas with many many many twin delivery experiences. We are in great hands.

So in a little over 3 weeks time or so, they will be here. (okay that was a scary thought yikes) Reality check they are coming.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

32 weeks: and the count down begins

I am officially 32 weeks!!!! 4 to 5 weeks to go!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

31 weeks: will it ever end

...another growth spurt. Will the puking ever end???

Saturday, February 9, 2008

31 weeks: counting down the days

woooooohooooooo 5-7 weeks remain. Dr Reed said 4 weeks she will be satisfied, 5 weeks happy, and 6 weeks would be perfect... 7 weeks don't see it happening.

next appt is feb. 21st