Friday, December 26, 2008

day 281: death of a friend



•• december 26, 2003 – december 26, 2008 ••

welcome home riley - 2004
(Daisy, Riley, and Jeramie)

sleep time - 2004

the guard - 2006

cuddle time with momma - 2008

Guardian Angel - Ramsey and Riley 2008


Thursday, December 11, 2008

day 266: the weekly leaps and bounds.. this weeks success includes the return of full appetites and then some... we lost over two pounds each so we gotta catch back up. Remember folks with mass food consumption comes equal weight on the other end... and boy have momma and daddy been busy. But that is not what I am here to write about today... although it is good to eat!

This week my big sis has taken leaps and bounds... on Dec. 6th she started rockin' and rollin' and zoom she was half way across the room. I thought this was super awesome and funny... my sister was crawling... hands and knees, stomach in the air – crawling people! You heard it!

That was the first event of the week... only four days later Arden propped her self up and was siting straight as a board all by herself... just chillin playing with some toys... examining the enter workings as she always does... so bam she is crawling and sitting up... I am not far behind but yet the week continues... the following day momma and daddy are in their with us... and arden crawled to the side of the crib and pulled herself up on her knees and was breaking down the cage for the great escape. What is next arden??? Going to be running around dancing like there is no tomorrow? Give a brother some time to catch up. BUT NO... today the flight to greatness continues... Arden has been fussy for the couple of days... calling for mommy at no end and we were waiting for the eruptions to appear and today arden has popped out two teeth on the top front... equaling 4 teeth all together. So I am down two but give me time... give me time. My big sis is awesome... how those 2 minutes really made a difference.

xo, rams

Friday, December 5, 2008

day 260: mark your calendars

Day 260: Bath tub not toliet

Bath time yay.

So bath time with mommy is oh so fun... we splash, we play, we enjoy time with mr. rubber duckie as he floats and squirts and bobs along with the waves. I have my hair washed and we sang our little songs and off I go to dry and get changed.

Ramsey's time to for Bath time play. Moments in I hear daddy say... umm Paige what is floating by is that poop??? Mom says with a hesitant reaction.. delayed response and reaction... umm yes that is poop. Was it remains of Arden. I do say NO. I am a good girl that knows the difference between bath time and potties. So momma jumps up, daddy remains laughing. Ramsey is balled up in the towel awaiting the empty, clean, and refill caused by his defecation. Bath is all clean... water is running, mommy is sitting waiting for the right temp and level for Ramsey's return. Daddy holds Ramsey in the buff near by... and Ramsey's has yet another sensation.. Daddy's aim is brutal to mommy face... yep peed all over mommy. This is proving a tragic day. Daddy is again laughing with apologies in between mommy takes Ramsey and bath time is complete.

What a day. What a day. Time to go over grandma and grandpa Fletcher's while mommy and daddy shop for christmas day.

day 260: yuckie sickness tales

Wednesday November 26th, in the early morning before light broke... I heard the cries of Arden spring out... shattering the quietness of the night. Mom was still awake working hard on her homework... she runs in dashing by arden's side and whisked her away. The bluh sounds were recognized by me moments later. What is this sensation? Vomit was everywhere. I let out my cry of dissatisfaction, fear, and utter disgust... momma made another mad dash and swept me away. We had it... the bubonic plague of the season... the stomach virus that spread like wild fire.

Momma was scurrying all over the place. Washing us off. Spraying the surroundings with pshhhhhhh pssshhhhhhh psssshhhhh wipe wipe... ripping of sheets from mattresses. Washing machine on full speed. Endless bluh bluh bluh. Phone calls, text messages, typing on keyboards... screens displaying do's and don'ts. Wait it out. Keep hydrated. Puke, Clean, Bath. Three hours passed. Mom seems a little green and worn. Mad dashes from bathroom to us. Bathroom to us. Oh no, the plague has spread. Poor momma still not over her cough from weeks ago. WOOOOOOO HOOOO daddy is home. Momma disappears to the room to lay down. We puke on daddy, and the cycle is repeated. Mommy is up and now daddy is puking.

Happy Thanksgiving. Food dropped at the door. Simultaneously we celebrate our first turkey day with up chucks and uhhhh I feel like death's. Days still go on and we are still not better. Day before yesterday Arden was still throwing up. 2 lbs. down and we are still surviving the remnant of the plague. All while fighting this horrible infection on my head. With Dr. Reidy's help that has finally been cured.

I am happy say we are finally on the road to recovery. Arden is still mostly on a liquid diet... must suck watching me chomp down on the eloquent food I munch down jar after jar. :) But she is building back to it slowly.

That is the tale of our first Turkey Day.