Wednesday, November 21, 2007

19 weeks: ultrasound


The two together

Baby A: The Boy

Baby B: The Girl

Now the name search begins.

Friday, November 9, 2007

17 weeks: it will never end...

I have accepted it... it will never end. I am doomed to have it the whole 9 months... with each growth spurt comes the return of the morning sickness. uhhhhh I hate puking. When you come to a point when you can say, I would rather throw up this instead of this, you have thrown up way too much.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

17 weeks: fatique has returned

Mom and I went to see Tegan and Sarah with Northern State opening at Stubbs in Austin. It was a nice bonding experience. We had dinner at Stubbs barbecue, it was really good and went to the show out back afterwards. We had prime standing positions by backstage. Tegan and Sarah were great and the twins went to their first concert (in utero) and saw twins play. Mom didn't understand most of what Northern State were saying and my only response was, that was probably for the best. Tegan and Sarah were great, banged through most of their songs... it was really good and mom seemed to enjoy them but after standing for so long... we were both wiped and I think we are still both recovering.

Besides that I have been reading and resting. I just finished the second book of the Golden Compass series, The subtle Knife, and have started the last book of the trilogy. I read multiple books at the same time, I am also reading Never Ending Story, and Perfect from now on, How indie rock saved my life... a book Julie needs to read.

Anyway beside that, I am huge and I am tired.

Monday, November 5, 2007

17 weeks: HUGE

Over the past week I have grown more and more. I am way too huge for 4 months. I finally came home from Houston today; I haven't seen mom in a week, and she was like, "wow you are huge, you look way bigger than 4 months.". Twins, I have twins in the belly. I am 4 months and I feel like I am 8 months. The babies have been very active this week and I can feel them bouncing around constantly... this will only get worse, I know. I am feeling them more and more which is cool. They are night owls already... they like when I lay down at night and they start moving all about. They love sticking together though. They are going to be an interesting set of kids I can already tell.

Off to bed.